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First Europe’s superconducting magnet is ready to confine the energy of the Sun

  • 10/3/2020

SIMIC, in collaboration with F4E, has completed the manufacturing of the first and biggest superconducting magnet ever made in Europe for testing the potential of fusion energy of ITER Project, the biggest international experiment in the history of mankind, that is going to produce clean energy without greenhouse gas emissions.

The Magnet is composed by a central structure, the «Winding Pack» tested at very low temperatures, around -200 degrees Celsius/80 Kelvin, and a stainless steel coil case. It is 17 meters long and 9 meters wide and weighs 320 tons, approximately as much as an Airbus A350! An exceptional, unprecedented result, which put SIMIC among the most qualified manufacturing companies in the world in the realization of complex projects. SIMIC will build a total of 10 of these impressive "magnets".

The magnets will be installed in the heart of the machine to form a Toroidal Field that will reach 11.8 Tesla: approximately 250.000 times the earth's magnetic field, capable of isolating the super hot plasma that will reach 150 million Celsius creating a «magnetic cage» to keep the hot plasma at these temperatures away from the vessel of the machine.


It is a historic achievement, the result of years of work that has seen SIMIC involved in the construction of the Radial Plates, in carrying out cold tests and in inserting the magnet in their impressive steel cases. There are many factors that have made this success possible: the foresight in developing the best technological strategy, the competence in defining the correct technical solutions, the cooperation to face and solve manufacturing problems and last but not least, the passion, perseverance and complete dedication to the project of a highly qualified working group.


Marianna Ginola, SIMIC Commercial Manager, explained that “the completion of the first European Toroidal Field coil for ITER Project  has been a very important milestone for SIMIC, a success that, also thanks to the collaboration with F4E and IO, has given us the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in a very complex and technologically advanced project. Our staff has been working relentlessly with dedication and passion to achieve this prestigious result, without them it would not have been possible. We are proud to be part of the manufacturing supply chain of ITER, and to be involved in its final assembly at ITER site through another contract.”


Paolo Barbero, SIMIC Project Manager in charge of the project adds “looking back, it has been a long journey, started years ago with the manufacture of the Radial Plate prototype, going through the series production of the 70 Radial Plates and finally with Winding Pack insertion. We still have 9 TF Coils to manufacture and, continuing working with passion and commitment as we did so far, we will achieve the goal. Being also involved in the assembly of the machine on site represents another challenge that we are happy to take up and face.”










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