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Camerana Mini Olympics - May 2024

  • 6/5/2024

From 24 to 26 May the seventh edition of the Mini Athletics Olympics for children from primary and secondary schools in the valley took place in Camerana and the SIMIC Trophy was awarded to the students of the Momigliano Institute in Ceva.

The initial idea, born in 2016, of organizing an afternoon of athletics for the children of the valley has evolved over the years and today continues successfully, undoubtedly thanks to the commitment of the many volunteers who recognized themselves in the idea and the project and to whom our thanks go.

The Mini Olympics were opened by a beautiful concert organized by school children, prepared by their teachers and by Maestro Walter Porro. Afterwards, the Olympic torch, carried by many young people, illuminated the streets of the village of Camerana Villa to climb with the last torchbearer to the tower where the tripod was lit.

Special guest was the Olympic champion from Cuneo Stefania Belmondo who spoke with the public and the children, bringing valuable messages and important food for thought.

The total number of participants represents a very respectable number, in fact, there were 412 students enrolled in the various schools.

SIMIC claims that investing in youth sport is an investment for the future. A future of healthier, happier people and prepared to face the challenges of the world of work.


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