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SIMIC was established by Giuseppe Ginola and Ferruccio Boveri. The Company was initially oriented to the market of light carpentry and industrial plant installations & maintenance.

The small company took a new legal form and started to focus on the heavy carpentry and manufacturing of pressure equipment and heat exchangers, while the installation activity grew in parallel.

The company developed a well equipped machining department, today endowed with numerical control machinery of latest generation for the manufacturing of large size pieces with very tight tolerances.

The Company started to manufacture Cryostats and Vacuum Vessels for the research field, playing an outstanding role for an elite group of international companies and organizations, leading parts of today's scientific research.

SIMIC received the GOLDEN HADRON AWARD by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) for the manufacturing of the Vacuum Vessels that provide the thermal insulation for the superconducting dipole magnets.
Since 2004 SIMIC cooperates with the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) Project for the manufacturing of a fusion reactor using a plasma magnetic confinement (Tokamak) in Cadarache, France. SIMIC already manufactured important components of this reactor such as Vacuum Vessel Poloidal Sector Model(VVPSM), Cassette Body (ITER DIVERTOR), Dome Liner (ITER DIVERTOR), Inner Vertical Target (ITER DIVERTOR), Outer Vertical Target (ITER DIVERTOR), Radial Plates.

SIMIC built a new facility in the sea port of Marghera, Venice, for the production of large size equipment (up to 3000 tons of weight one single piece). The workshop, with direct access to the sea, is composed by two identical buildings of 100 m length, 30 m width and 30 m height (22 m under crane hooks) with a lifting capacity by cranes of 320 tons. The location, dimension and equipment of the facility is one of the milestone of the success of the Company.

SIMIC makes further investments with the installation of 2 Portal Milling and Boring Machines built according to the highest standards: one has been installed in Camerana workshop and the second one in Marghera workshop. This last one is among the largest machines in Europe. These investments represent a further step in the continuous growth.

In parallel to the above SIMIC has developed and improved its site erection works either in Italy and abroad becoming a world leader in the sector. During 2012 SIMIC installed two very large plants in the food industry , in Turkey and in Mexico, taking care of all mechanical and electrical works.

Today as yesterday, Giuseppe and Ferruccio continue to manage the company successfully, supported by the sons, aiming to reach even more ambitious goals and ensuring that the company inspiration and motivation are still the same of the beginning and the Company structure is based on solid family values.

For four decades SIMIC has fed his growth by means of continuous investments in new technologies and dynamic and specialized personnel that, coupled with a tightly structured and flexible organization, is the true core value and supporting strength of our company.


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Workshops : 18.000 m2
Office buildings: 1.500 m2

Workshops : 6.000 m2
Office buildings: 500 m2

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